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Luggage Labels

We can supply waterproof Luggage Labels, Tags & Self Tie Loop Lock Labels in a wide variety of sizes and materials including Tyvek for hand writing on with a ball point or marker pen or for printing on an A4 Laser Printer or on rolls printing on a Thermal Transfer printer.

Luggage Labels, Tags, Self Tie Loop Lock Labels can be supplied plain white, colour washed or printed with your artwork.

We can supply a printing system comprising of a Thermal Transfer Label Printer + Label Printing Software + Luggage Labels - Labels - Tags - Self Tie Loop Lock Labels for you to print Luggage Labels on demand for your products.

Luggage Labels - Can be supplied Self Tie Loop Lock Labels, Wrap Around Labels with a Removable Self Adhesive Panel or as Tie on Tags which can be supplied in a variety of waterproof materials including Tyvek and sizes with or without drilled holes and can be supplied fitted with string, elastic knot or wire.