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Food Labelling Software & Labelling System to help comply with Natasha's Law
Natasha's Law came into effect from 1st October 2021 and will require food businesses to provide full ingredient lists and allergen labelling with nutritional information on foods prepackaged for direct sale on the premises as Prepacked for Direct Sale (PPDS) foods.

We can provide customers with a Food Labelling System consisting of a Label Printer + Barcode & Labelling Software running on a Windows 10 or Windows 11 + Labels to print your own labels for your products on demand.

We can supply a wide range of solutions for a system for food labelling with ingredients with allergens and nutritional information ideal for many applications for food producing outlets such as take away food labelling especially for bakeries, bakers, bakery products, butchers, cafés, cake makers, catering, cheese makers, chocolatiers, coffee shops, colleges, confectionery makers, delis, frozen foods, food manufacturers, grocery stores, honey producers. hospitality, hotels, jams and preserves, kitchens, meat packers, mobile caterers, pie makers, restaurants, sandwich makers, sauces, schools, universities and other educational establishments, supermarkets, tea shops and take aways, Fish and Chip Shops, Burgers, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Fried Chicken, Kebab, Pubs, Pizzas and many more food outlets and shops suitable for use on Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer Printers printing on rolls of labels & laser printers printing on A4 sheets of labels in a wide variety of material and colours or printed with your artwork.

We can supply labels in a wide variety of sizes and materials with suitable adhesives for use at ambient, in chillers or freezers or where heat is involved to suit a wide variety of packaging – please advise us of your specific requirements. Labels can be supplied in plain white, colour washed or printed with your artwork when received in a high resolution pdf file. 

For creating and printing the labels we can offer AnyLabels Barcode & Labelling Software for use on a Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC or Laptop @ £195.00 + VAT for use on 1 x PC/Laptop or the Multi User Version available @ £447.50 + VAT for use on 10 PCs/Laptops  With AnyLabels you can create and print the following:

  • Product Description.

  • Ingredients with allergens in bold.

  • Nutritional information.

  • Print textual warnings such as: This product contains nuts.

  • Calculate and print Use By/Best Before dates - i.e. today’s date + number of days shelf
    life in date format.

  • Print batch numbers.

  • Print price.

  • Barcodes. Anylabels can print 1D and 2D Barcodes. For barcodes for your products sold in retail applications you can create unique retail barcodes for your products in AnyLabels first by contacting GS1.

  • Batch numbers.

  • Rotate text and barcodes by 360°. 

  • AnyLabels can link to your data stored in popular applications such as .csv, Excel or Access file with the ingredients with allergens in bold and nutritional information created in WordPad or Word and saved as an .rtf (Rich Text Format) file. The .rtf file can be linked with your product data held in an .csv, Excel or Access file which all links to AnyLabels.

  • Product selection and printing is easily controlled in AnyLabels using ‘Selection View’  simply by clicking with the mouse or with a touch screen (when installed) on the product name or an alternative method of selection products for printing as AnyLabels has a barcode driver a picking list of products printed with a corresponding barcode - can be printed to an A4 printer. Alongside each product is a unique barcode when scanned instructs the printer to print a label. We can supply a suitable barcode scanner with a USB interface.

  • If you create a generic label with your artwork Anylabels can print your various product labels on demand.

  • See attached pdf file with 6 x examples of sandwich labels created in AnyLabels - scroll down the pdf file to see the 6 x varieties of sandwich labels - can be printed directly from the pdf to an A4 printer.

  • Upon request we can send you the testware version of AnyLabels Barcode & Labelling software for your free evaluation on a Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC/Laptop.

  • So in addition to the AnyLabels Barcode & Labelling software what else do you need to create your labels?  Anylabels works on a Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC, you will need a PC or laptop running Windows 10 or Windows 11.

  • Databases can’t usually produce text in bold which is required for the allergens in the ingredients. So we can link the product details held in Microsoft Excel or Access to AnyLabels. By using Microsoft WordPad or Word we can create your ingredients with the allergens in bold and also the nutritional information in a tabular format and save it as an .rtf (Rich Text Format) file. Individual .rtf files can be linked directly to AnyLabels, however when you have many products you can input the name of the .rtf file in the appropriate field in Excel and link all the product details in a record i.e. row of data in Excel which in turns links to AnyLabels. This is not as complicated as it may sound in this paragraph! In you do not already have Microsoft Excel and Word this can ideally be obtained with Microsoft 365.

  • Customers will need to supply the ingredients with allergens and the nutritional information for your products and it is their responsibility to ensure that they comply with any labelling regulations in force. If you need further information with regard to labelling regulations we would recommend that you contact the Food Standards Agency.

For printing the labels from AnyLabels we can offer the following TSC Printers. 


TSC TTP-247 8 dots per mm/200dpi Direct Thermal/Thermal Transfer Printer with Parallel, Serial & USB 2.0 Interface, Maximum Print Width 108mm, Maximum Print Length 2286mm depending on user software. Warranty 2 Years RTB. - part no. 99-125A013-0002

Download pdf brochure

£306.00 Price Ex. VAT
TSC TTP-345TSC TTP-345 12 dots per mm/300dpi Direct Thermal/Thermal Transfer Printer with Parallel, Serial & USB 2.0 Interface, Maximum Print Width 108mm, Maximum Print Length 1016mm depending on user software. Windows 10 or Windows 11 Drivers. Warranty 2 Years RTB. - part no. TX610-A001-1202

Download pdf brochure

£409.00 Price Ex. VAT
TSC TX600TSC TX610 24 dots per mm/600dpi Direct Thermal/Thermal Transfer Printer.  Maximum Print Speed 102mm per Second, Maximum Print Width 106mm, Maximum Print Length 2,540mm depending on user software with USB, RS232, Ethernet Interfaces. Warranty 2 Years Return To Base - part no. 99-053A035-0202

Download pdf brochure

£695.00 Price Ex. VAT
External Roll Holder with 76mm Core for TSC TTP-247, TSC TTP-345, TSC TX610  for media rolls of up to 200mm in Outside Diameter £45.00 Price Ex. VAT
External Roll With 76mm Core for TSC TTP-247 &  TSC TTP-345        External Roll With 76mm Core for TSC TTP-247 &  TSC TTP-345